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A library for generating spline-based paths for robots.

The “squiggles” created by this path generation library allow for smooth, fast autonomous movements. Robots can follow the generated paths through the use of the wheel velocities calculated at each point along with an appropriate feedback controller.

Getting Started

1. Install the Library

The list of installation options and their instructions can be found in Installation.

2. Find Your Robot’s Constraints

The guide in Constraints should help you identify the size and speed of your robot.

3. Generate Some Paths

You can follow along with the examples in Example Paths or jump straight into the Library API.

4. Add a Closed Loop Controller

It is possible to directly command the generated wheel velocities to a robot but any mismatch between your robot measurements and reality will cause your robot to go off course. Writing a closed-loop path following controller is an exercise left to the reader but the Controller Suggestions document has some tips to help get you started.

Table of Contents

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