Class ControlVector

Class Documentation

class squiggles::ControlVector

Public Functions

inline ControlVector(Pose ipose, double ivel = std::nan(""), double iaccel = 0.0, double ijerk = 0.0)

A vector used to specify a state along a hermite spline.

  • ipose – The 2D position and heading.

  • ivel – The velocity component of the vector.

  • iaccel – The acceleration component of the vector.

  • ijerk – The jerk component of the vector.

ControlVector() = default
inline std::string to_string() const

Serializes the Control Vector data for debugging.


The Control Vector data.

inline std::string to_csv() const
inline bool operator==(const ControlVector &other) const

Public Members

Pose pose
double vel
double accel
double jerk