Class PhysicalModel

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class squiggles::PhysicalModel

Subclassed by squiggles::PassthroughModel, squiggles::TankModel

Public Functions

virtual Constraints constraints(const Pose pose, double curvature, double vel) = 0

Calculate a set of stricter constraints for the path at the given state than the general constraints based on the robot’s kinematics.

  • pose – The 2D pose for this state in the path.

  • curvature – The change in heading at this state in the path in 1 / meters.

  • vel – The linear velocity at this state in the path in meters per second.

virtual std::vector<double> linear_to_wheel_vels(double linear, double curvature) = 0

Converts a linear velocity and desired curvature into the component for each wheel of the robot.

  • linear – The linear velocity for the robot in meters per second.

  • curvature – The change in heading for the robot in 1 / meters.

virtual std::string to_string() const = 0