Struct ProfilePoint

Struct Documentation

struct squiggles::ProfilePoint

Public Functions

inline ProfilePoint(ControlVector ivector, std::vector<double> iwheel_velocities, double icurvature, double itime)

Defines a state along a motion profiled path.

  • ivector – The pose and associated dynamics at this state in the path.

  • iwheel_velocities – The component of the robot’s velocity provided by each wheel in meters per second.

  • icurvature – The degree to which the curve deviates from a straight line at this point in 1 / meters.

  • itime – The timestamp for this state relative to the start of the path in seconds.

ProfilePoint() = default
inline std::string to_string() const

Serializes the Profile Point data for debugging.


The Profile Point data.

inline std::string to_csv() const
inline bool operator==(const ProfilePoint &other) const

Public Members

ControlVector vector
std::vector<double> wheel_velocities
double curvature
double time


inline friend std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &os, const ProfilePoint &p)